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Laying Your Turf

Preparing The Ground

The first job in preparing to lay your turf is to cultivate (or dig over) your soil. For small areas this may be achieved with a garden fork, however for larger areas the use of a rotivator is recommended. The soil should be turned over or cultivated to a depth of at least 100mm. It is easiest to do this when the soil is reasonably dry and it is best to remove all vegetation before cultivation.

Once the ground has been turned, the soil should be raked to produce a fine tilth; stones, especially large ones should be removed.
Before laying your turf, to allow for quicker and better establishment, you should apply a fertiliser such as Rolawns Lawn Food, following the manufacturers instructions.

Laying Your Turf

Start by carrying your turf to the furthest point from the delivery area. Lay that corner, firstly when you get tired you will be carrying the turf a shorter distance, and secondly you will not be walking on the freshly laid turf.
You should try to unroll the turf along your longest edge, and always unroll turf across a slope rather than down a slope.

Each row of turf should be offset by 300mm, rather like you see bricks in a wall. Place planks along newly laid turf if you need to walk on or work from it, and if the conditions are wet, it is better to work off planks.

Golden Rules

Start laying turves along a straight side in a row, butting the ends tightly together.

Do not stretch the turf, always push the turf into a joint. Avoid gaps, but if they do occur fill them with light soil and gently tamp down.

Ensure complete contact between the soil and the underside of the turf and, if necessary, use a flat board on a pole to lightly firm down the turf. Never use a roller on freshly laid turf.

Trim the ends of the turf with a spade or "half moon iron" to fit around trees, paths and so on.

If the outer edges of the new turf are exposed, pile a bit of soil to prevent them drying in the sun.

Do not lay turf in areas of heavy shade - it will not thrive.

Care Immediately After Laying

The most important time for establishing your new turf is the first 3 - 4 weeks after laying. You should use the following guidelines for best results:
Immediately after laying your turf start watering; ensuring that the turf is never short of water. Turf should be watered thoroughly using a sprinkler.

You should check under the corners to ensure that water has percolated through to the underlying soil. Water repeatedly until the turf is well established (at least 2 weeks).

During the summer periods you should water either in the early morning or late afternoon / evening when the sun is not at its greatest intensity. You should water your turf when the underlying ground has started to dry out, in the summer this can be everyday, again the frequency depends on weather conditions.

Press down any edges of the turf that are not well seated, this can be done simply by walking on them.

Mow the lawn as soon as it grows long enough, there is no fixed period, it depends on time of year and weather conditions. You should try to keep an established lawn to a length of 20-25mm (approx 1 inch). The lawn should ideally be mowed when the grass reaches a height of 30-38mm depending on the height at which you are trying to maintain the lawn.

You can walk carefully on new turf almost immediately, but wait some weeks before using it for games, dogs or athletic activities.

We are a family run business with over 80 years experience in the trade, supplying turf to the public and commercial sectors including to new builds.

Most of our customers have come to us through recommendations from their colleagues or family & friends.

We deliver all over the North of England & the Midlands, we can deliver up to 800sq mts per load or you can collect it yourself, and we offer Trade Discounts for large orders.

We cut our high quality turf all year round, which means you are not restricted to just the Spring or Summer months for laying your turf.

We also offer a laying service for those not wishing to lay their own turf.


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Turf and topsoil generally delivered next day but please feel free to call with your requirements for our delivery times scales.

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